Technically Speaking Season 2, After Hours, and YouTube Updates

New year, new content.

Hopefully, you started 2021 off on the right foot. I'm excited because I'm recording from an updated studio at my new place! Below is what is on the way as we move into the next season around the brand and content.

‘After Hours’ Segments

In supplement to some of the episodes that drop, hot take recordings called 'After Hours' will give you all casual conversations that dive deeper into topics that weren't covered in the original recordings. I'm happy to announce that I'm releasing a few from season one you can listen to today!

Accessibility Q&A

For this specific segment, I'm with Regine Gilbert. Author of Inclusive Design for a Digital World, we'll be fielding a Q&A from our live audience. Now, if you haven't already, you can listen to the full episode on season one, episode three.

Listen to this episode.

Executive Coaching Q&A

In this segment, I have a Q&A with executive coach and founder of Merging Path Coaching, Brooks Elliot Scott. During the session, we touch on authentic vulnerability, giving your manager feedback, and building better connections with your team. 

This was recorded back in the early days of shelter in place. It's fascinating how many of the topics we covered still hold today. 

Listen to this episode.

Technically Speaking Season 2

This Sunday, January 10th, will start the weekly drop of episodes for the second season. You'll have a set of ten episodes along with a broader release of After Hours segments. I'm excited about this season because we'll dive in a bit deeper on more general topics as they relate to design and the greater community. Stay on the lookout for more information throughout the week, and don't forget to bookmark the Technically Speaking website and hit the subscribe button on SpotifyiTunesGoogle Podcasts, or whatever podcast platform you prefer.

Updated YouTube Channel

I've updated the YouTube channel with all of the latest content and some videos of previous webinars, and playlists of other presentations over the past year around portfolio and interview tips.

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