The Missing Ingredient: How Storytelling Can Make User Research More Impactful

How research influences storytelling

I had the opportunity to join Erin May and JH Forster, VPs of growth/marketing, and product at User Interviews on the Awkward Silences podcast. In this episode, we spoke on how threading in user research as fundamental to your storytelling can make a lasting impact on your audience and influence product strategy. Take a listen.

Understanding your audience, their expertise, and how they like to consume data is incredibly essential to telling a story that sticks.

Zoom fatigue is real, and we must utilize the limited time we have to help make decisions as efficiently as possible - storytelling can be a useful tool to help assist with this.

Here are a few highlights from the episode:

  • Start with the user journey, grounding your story in facts is what will resonate with people

  • Storytelling allows you to provide clear messaging and alignment regardless of your partner's core disciples. Keep in mind that your users are the motivation for your team

  • The delivery of your message revolves around your audience, and sometimes you may need to iterate on your approach, but you want to meet the audience where they are.

You can listen to the full, thirty-minute episode here. It's available on all major podcast platforms.

Cross functional collaboration is here to stay

As design becomes more embedded in every part of a business, the need for cross-functional collaboration becomes increasingly important. Tools can certainly help, but good communication, feedback loops, and strong leadership should be the foundation on which you build relationships.

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